Sand – Schmand

This was the day we were going to ride south from Bahia de los Angeles on the dirt road to San Francisquito. It is a well worn route for ADV motorcycle riders with a certain reputation for having some tough sections. I had contemplated doing this route on previous rides but decided against it on the bigger bikes. It turns out that was a good call…

Deby ready to ride: 

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Nevada is a BIG. Part 2

9-13-15 Sunday

We woke up at the BLM campground south of Battle Mountain to assess the site in daylight. It looked like a lot of people had camped there on the previous holiday weekend and trash was still overflowing the garbage cans. It must be a hunting camp because the picnic table was covered in blood stains, maybe somebody cleaned their deer? Something worse? We tried not to think about it too much and packed up quickly to leave. Continue reading