I get asked a lot about what I’ll be wearing for an extended trip, I don’t have a definitive answer on what it best but here is a list of what Deby and I will be wearing on MotoRaidII to South America. Our decisions are based on past experience in hot and cold weather riding, advice of others, reading lists like this on other people blogs, personal preference and what in some cases what I’ve found on sale at local motorcycle shops.

Donn’s Stuff

Arai XD3 I love this helmet. I added the pinlock shield so I don’t fog up in the rain. I really like a helmet with a visor to keep the sun out of my eyes and Arai has the aerodynamics figured out so the wind doesn’t whip my head around.

I’ve had my trustworthy First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket for almost three years. It’s good for a wide range of temperatures and is waterproof. On my Baja trip I was OK wearing it up to about 85 degrees F with the vents open before I was ready to switch to something cooler.

Sidi Discovery Rain Boots.   For around town or commuting to work I usually grab my Alpinestars Alpha Touring Boot that I really love because they are super comfy and totally warm and waterproof. For this trip I’m wearing the Sidi boots because of their better protection. The Sidi boots are waterproof and flexible enough for some walking even though they squeak with each step.

Klim Moab Pants. I’ve tried many different riding pants over the years and I keep coming back to these. They are versatile over a wide range of temperatures, offer decent protection and are relatively comfy. They are not waterproof so I carry a set of rain pants but I’ve ridden in light rain and managed to stay dry. In cold weather I layer up underneath with REI synthetic long underwear and extra pants. In hot weather I open the vents ride with synthetic Ex-Officio skivvies.

Heated Gear
Gerbing Jacket Liners I’ve used Gerbing products for over 10 years and when working properly they do a great job of keeping me warm. Even without being plugged in it makes a decent thermal layer and I’ve used it as a light jacket for cool evenings when walking around towns we are visiting. I’ve had problems with the coaxial connectors overheating and failing so I carry a couple of spares. I’ve learned not to totally depend on electronics to keep me warm so I always carry an extra polar fleece jacket in my bag. With the Gerbing and my Kilimanjaro jacket I’m easily comfortable down to freezing temperatures.



2 thoughts on “Gear!

  1. For the first Motoraid, Keith and I had blue jeans and something like army surplus fabric jackets. We did damn near freeze getting to Eugene. As I have often said, then the bodies were young and durable but equipment (and judgment) were at best questionable. Today, the opposite. Equipment is fabulous but the bodies are suspect.

    I’m blown away by the comfort and security of the Rallye III pants and jacket, and by the Schuberth C3 helmet. Of course, I’m getting back into gear after 40 years away. And I do note that the prices seem to have more than equaled the increase in quality and performance. Nonetheless, the quality of the equipment is a big reason for my comfort in doin’ it one more time.

    All seem to work fine for me down to freezing. Easy to layer if need be. And I don’t want to be riding too much below freezing. Hands have been the only issue but I’m going to go with ski gloves and liners for the really cold.

    I haven’t ridden much in really hot weather. It has been pleasant surprise that the wind from riding helps a lot. I think the Rallye geat will be hot but does have lots of vents and option to remove arms from jacket.

    I do have pictures of Keith and me riding in Moto I in tee shirts, no helmets. Probably won’t do the no-helmet thing again.

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