Cold, rain, wind, hail, fog

Oh yea, riding along the Oregon coast. I did this trip a few years ago in August, funny thing, I seem to remember the weather was not much better. The temperature when we left Seaside at 9:45 AM was 34 degrees F and it was raining. It rained almost all day and the temperature only reached into the 40’s a couple of times. The weather forecast was for sun but it was cold and wet with occasional hail all day. Thanks to good gear we managed to stay relatively warm and dry.

Stats for the day:

If you want to see our track and see where we are tonight click on my Spotwalla Link

It is updated with our location every 6 minutes when it is on. You can also select “show weather” to see what we are riding through.

I did manage a few pictures today:

Starting out in the rain

Cold, stormy Oregon coast

Storm trooper Deby

We did manage to get a walk on the beach before sunset


More Oregon coast

Tomorrow we should make it into Northern California and the Redwoods.

Happy New Years and thanks for following,

Donn and Deby

7 thoughts on “Cold, rain, wind, hail, fog

  1. How exciting. Debys still smiling. You guys are tougher than Me. I rode 37 miles today. It was 37 degrees. That was plenty. I’m wishing you warm dry weather.
    Jesse James

  2. Donn and Deb, I have been in So Cal for the week and you should will be getting better weather down here. Today was sunny and dry and I was wearing shorts most of the day. Nighttime is cool but still nothing like Seattle.

  3. The Oregon Coast looks alot different than we experienced in Sept on our ride down and up it!! Hello Californ – i – a !!!!

  4. Too bad about the bad weather , but the coast looks beautiful ! Hoping for improvements – like sun and warmth – as you get on your way tomorrow !

  5. D&D,

    Hope your weather is getting better. Great pix, but I am not envying your conditions. Just think of all the warmth ahead! Thanks for posting.

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