A Nice Day Riding

Ok, just a quick post tonight to check in.

Here is an overview of our time in Mexico so far

So halfway? Here is our progress today

Tonight we are in the resort town of Manzanillo  (click HERE to learn more) a tourist destination I’ve never heard of. So far it seems like a nice place with a beautiful beach.

According to my GPS we rode 217 miles today with a moving average of 38mph. Mostly it was a nice day of twisty roads winding along the coast and the coastal mountains. There were some sections with a lot of traffic where we were passing and being passed but also nice stretches of riding with little traffic and fun twisty toads.

I took a few pictures today before my camera battery died.

Deby and I had a nice walk on the beach in the morning

Saw plenty of pelicans

They were everywhere

Fresh fish for sale on the beach

Getting packed up in front of the Casablanca hotel

Some pictures of the crew. Here is Keith.




My favorite rider, Deby

Nice gas stop picture of Deby’s bike

That was the last picture before my camera notified me that my battery has “expired”.

It’s finally warming up into the low 80’s today. I think I’ll be switching to he mesh riding gear tomorrow. Glad to finally be out of the cold!

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8 thoughts on “A Nice Day Riding

  1. Well…yes, Deby is cute…but I must say I think Michael is the most handsome! I may be a pit partial! I have enjoyed your blog and being able to follow along as I see Michael’s spot check ins. Enjoy the sun and adventure!

  2. Deby looks like she is sprouting green hair out of her helmet…
    Donn, you missed a picture of you.
    Keep your posts coming. I can almost feel the warmth.

  3. Those fish on the beach are usually very good; maybe you had time to try.
    Vern/Kay that you met (late)…own property in Manzanillo……could have bought it cheap I think….:-) Still great fun watching your movements with SPOT.
    Glad you had no trouble on the road south from Rincon to Puerta Vallarta……lots of accidents there primarily with locals passing etc. Ride Safe

  4. You are doing a fantastic job with the website posts and photos, it’s like we’re there with you (minus the salt air, sun and warmth). You’ve got a real bright future in the travelogue business. After the ferry crossing post I couldn’t help but think what Yaqui shaman Don Juan might have said to Carlos Castaneda when boarding, ” eat this button, you’re ‘re going to need it”. Enjoy the ride!

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