We survived the route through Acapulco today, it was crazy traffic, people, cars, trucks, animals, construction vehicles, buses, anything you can imagine. It took us over an hour in rush hour traffic, 85 degree heat while swerving, lane splitting, riding aggressively and trying to keep the group together. Since I have the GPS route and Deby and I are communicating in our helmets, I took the lead and Deby brought up the rear while giving me constant reports on how the tail end of the group was doing. It was quite the interesting commentary on our group riding skills.

Here is the route through the city.

A shot of traffic, this was the easy part. I needed two hands for the tough stuff.

Quite a change from a couple of hours earlier when we were riding on a new four lane concrete road totally abandoned except for the local cattle. Evidently they are, or were, planning a resort in this area and built the road but the resorts or people never appeared.

Ended the day with a little laundry in the room, nice that they had a drying rack!

More later, D&D 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “Acapulco

  1. I can’t even imagine …. my heart is pounding just thinking about it . Yikes !

  2. Acapulco, the city with most old model VW bugs I have ever seen in one locale ever. Verdad?!

    • Yes! That is sooo true. This whole area is full of old VW bugs. What’s up with that? How do they keep them running?

  3. One of the best tips on riding in traffic like that where filtering or lane splitting is common, was in London when a Brit told me ” just bang on their fenders, they’ll make room for you to go through”. I loved it, the other way is to think of the cars as slow moving trees and you’re hammering it in the woods at Belfair. On the other hand, maybe I’m just crazy. Be safe!

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