Checking In

Thursday January 24, 2013,Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Hi, just a short post today as I’m on a slow connection and my battery is getting low…. sorry for the lack of posts but we haven’t had WiFi for the last few nights. We crossed into Guatemala yesterday and blasted to Chichicastenago so we could get to one of the best markets (so they say) in Central America. We arrived well after dark which was crazy because the road is solid switchbacks and there were trucks, buses, kids and animals everywhere.

The border crossing:


I’ll try to upload a few pictures here but I created a SmugMug Gallery for all my Guatemala pictures, click HERE to see them.

The market was crazy, crowded and fun. Here are a few shots that hopefully give you the idea

On Tuesday we were at the ruins in Palenque wow is all I can say.

Need to wrap up. I still don’t have my SPOT, according to my tracking info it’s on “hold” somewhere. We are doing fine and having fun. Thanks for your comments, we read them all! Hopefully we’ll be at a hotel with wifi soon so I can do a longer post.

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7 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Hi guys, Dave and I are enjoying your trip with you. Love the posts and pictures. Wow Deby the market looks like a fun place to be. Lucky you!
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Thanks for the posts tonight. We worry just a little bit, when we don’t hear from you, plus, it’s our main form of entertainment this winter…
    Keep on trucking! We LOVE you posts. Can’t wait for the return of Spot…

  3. I am lovin livin this trip with you. Stay alert and God bless you all every step and turn of the way. Excited to think that we have over 3 more months of this. 🙂

  4. hey this is josie’s friend squirrel! I’m in antiquia now if you happen to be passing through. Would love to see you. Fantastic inspiring adventure yay! dont move too quick quatemala is awesome…

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