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Monday, January 21, 2013, Palenque, Mexico.

Ok, I’ll just fess up. I was tired, not thinking and left my SPOT tracking unit in my tank bag in front of the hotel last night. When I came out in the morning it was gone. That is why if you have been following my track online, there was not much progress today. However, the thieves must have pushed the OK button and broadcast their location, you can look HERE and look at the last location, that was not me. By the time I saw that they pushed the locate button we were 150 miles away and what would I do anyhow. Thanks to my son Weston, I have a new one being shipped to Antiqua Guatemala and I should have it by Friday. In the mean time I helped Mike set up a shared page and he will have his in tracking mode. Click this sentence for Mike’s shared SPOT link.

Sunday was a tough day, 349 miles, moving time 7 hours 13 minutes elapsed time over 9 hours. We arrived in Tuxtla Guiterrez as it was getting dark and pulled into the first hotel which turned out to be a Holiday Inn. As it typical we parked in front of the front door within sight of the reception desk and were told there would be a guard watching the bikes all night. Hmmmm.

We did stay at a nice place Saturday night.

Went for a swim in this pool

Had a good start to the day with coffee and fruit.

I suppose we are not really trying to travel on the cheap but we’ve found with some negotiating we can get pretty good rates per night.

We seem to have an aviator glasses theme going, here’s Keith.

And Jim…

Even Dave has joined the “cool” crowd.

Besides being a long day the riding was pretty brutal, we started out in 90 degree heat before climbing into the mountains where it cooled off but then the wind picked up. I’ve ridden in strong wind before but this seemed like one of the strongest. Why is it that whenever we are riding a high wind area there are wind farms all around?

We stopped at a Pemex and it’s become usual for there to be a 3 peso fee that is often collected by young children. The fee includes TP if needed. These kids were really cute and took their job seriously.

We stopped for a great lunch of quesadillas.

Today, after reporting the missing SPOT and a few other minor things we rode further inland to Palenque home of ruins that date back to 200 BC. Click HERE to read more.

We rode a twisty road through cold and fog until at almost 7,000 feet we broke through the top of the cloud layer where we stopped for a break.

A usual roadside stand

Chickens walking around with legs tied so they don’t get too far away

Later in the day for lunch we had chicken grilled over an open fire

The local dogs were waiting for a handout.

I managed to take a couple of pictures while riding

Deby, waving for the camera.

Keith and Dave on the road into Palenque.

A very typical scene, I think Jim said he counted 12 people in the back of this truck.

Finally, our track for today.

Tomorrow we are planning on an early start to see the ruins and then on the bikes to make a few miles towards the Guatemala border.

Still smiling… D&D 🙂 🙂





9 thoughts on “Dumb Stuff

  1. Donn, sorry to hear about the SPOT. What a drag…hope nothing else to important. I didn’t know you guys where going the way of Palenque – what fun area. We had a great time through there. Still any left over hippies from the Rainbow Festival? We have been thinking about trying to connect in Antigua, but it is time for us to move on because of coming time pressures. We have been in Atitlan for 4 nights and absolutely loving it. We could easily stay longer. So it is off to Honduras for us. We are heading in via Copan Ruinas route and then will be heading SW towards Nicaragua. Enjoy your time in La Antigua. We did. If you need anything there, we have a friend Julio who has 1200GSA and could provide assistance I am sure. Ciao for now. Tad

  2. Mikey, turn on your spot…..
    Love seeing the pictures, wishing I were in Oaxaca..I like the hotel you were in last night….where is it?

  3. Donn, Frank was really worried, he saw your tracking and told me it was a very bad neighborhood!! He didn’t want to alarm you but was glad to hear that you were not really at that location… Glad you are safe! Carol

  4. Hi Donn! So sorry to hear about your spot – nice of Weston to help u out though..sounds like he is on top of it as usual. Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. Looks like you are having fun…luv the pics..:) Stay safe and Have fun!!..:)

  5. Apart from the theft and that indescribable fish stew, it looks like the ride is going well. Miss you on the mountain.

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