Tomorrow – Mexico

Tomorrow we meet with the rest of our group for a 10:00 AM launch from San Deigo BMW. Deby and I had dinner last night with Jim who arrived earlier in the day after riding south from Seattle on I-5. Jim said he’s heard from Keith, Dave and Michael and everyone was close by and expected to make the scheduled rendezvous.

Since the last post we stayed a night in Burbank and visited with Dave, a college friend of Deby’s that we’ve kept in touch with over the years. Good to see you Dave! From there we  rode to San Diego where we spent a day at Balboa Park, home to the first World’s Fair in 1915. Today it houses a collection of museums, gardens and the San Diego Zoo. We checked out the art museums, the Air and Space museum and the Automotive museum where there were two Norton’s and a Vincent Black Shadow on display.

We didn’t take too many pictures but needed to get a shot of this glass art that was throughout the Prado restaurant inside the park.

Zooming in a little closer…… (warning parental bragging ahead….)

Martin Blank is the Seattle glass artist our son Jonathan works for. I had no idea some of his work was in the park. Click HERE to read about Martin Blank. Click HERE to see some work by Jonathan Ross Harvey.

I noticed our friend Pedro left Redmond today on his way to Brasil, safe travels my friend. We are hoping to catch up with him somewhere in Central America. You can track his progress HERE. Our friends Tad and Gaila made it to Guatemala, we hope to catch up to them as well. You can track them HERE. And don’t forget to follow our progress on SpotWalla HERE.

I have no clue what is in store for tomorrow, what time we will cross the border, how far we will ride or where we will spend the night. I’m turning off my phone when we enter Mexico and will post next time I have internet access. Be sure to check in on SpotWalla to make sure we are moving during the day and stopped at night, hopefully in a village and not in the middle of a desert.

More to come, Donn and Deby




2 thoughts on “Tomorrow – Mexico

  1. Well by now Donn you are meeting up with the crew and preparing for you Mexico crossing. Most excellent. Thank you for the plug on our website and for SURE we are enjoying Guatemala. Fallen in love actually… Tomorrow we leave wonderful Flores and start making out way south towards Guatemala City for new shoes. (Tires for the girls actually.) Hoping that we will find our way to you soon enough. Cheers for now and fun travels.

  2. Hey Deby and Donn,
    What a fun surprise to us to join Michael at the Gaslamp for a send off party, only to learn that he is traveling on this great adventure with you guys! Wow! What a small world. Wishing you all the best on you “excellent adventure!”. :). safe journeys to you, and we will be following along on the blog! Btw, johnathan’s work is beautiful! He’s got his Mamma’s gift!

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