Watching the Seahawks in Loreto

(Note: I’m preparing this post with limited Internet Access in Loreto. I might have to add pictures and finish it later)

(January 15, here are the pictures)

No power when we woke up in the Bahaia de Los Angeles which meant no showers for another day. Welcome to Mexico. I think the trick is to not pass up a hot shower when available. Fortunately, the hotel restaurant seemed unphased and had fresh coffee they brewed over an open fire, they even managed to wrangle up two delicious plates of hueveros ranchos. We managed to put a MotoRaid II sticker on their sign to mark our stay. See if you can find it.

Anxious to make some progress we were on the road by 9:00 on a bright but cool Saturday morning for points south. The ferry from LaPaz to Mazatlan leaves on Tuesday and Thursday, we had the idea to try to make the Tuesday ferry. We made good time to San Ignacio where we stopped at the famous Rice and Beans restaurant for lunch, the same place Deby and I spent New Year’s eve last year. This time, we continued on and arrived in Mulege before we decided to stop for the night. The last time Deby and I were there we stayed in a pretty crummy hotel, this time Ricco at Rice and Beans recommended the Serenidad hotel. After a little excitement on the sandy road leading to the hotel we were greeted with a pig roasting on a spit at the entrance to the officina. Lucky us, it was pig roast night, yum.


The hotel is literally at the end of the Mulege airport and there were a number of gringos who had flown in to provide medical services to the locals. They were all in the bar and we had a great time hanging out, drinking cervesas and watching the GreenBay Packer game.  The only thing that could have been better is if the Packers could have won.

Bikes tucked in for the night


Sunday we made a last minute decision to ride only 80 miles to Loreto so we could 1) visit the San Javiar mission and 2) be back in time to catch the end of the Seahawks game. It was a beautiful ride to the mission and we were back in time for the last quarter of the game. The only think that could have been better is if the Seahawks could have won (they almost did).

San Javiar Mission

View on the way to the mission

Check out the road in the distance, nice ride.

Here are a few pictures from walking around Loreto….. warning…. graphic puppy pictures to follow.


Oh, a few friends at her feet.

Who can resist.

Ok, last one, I promise.

Deby and I went for a walk on the beach and I was in the right place at the right time for this picture

Picking up shells!

Tomorrow we are going to blast the 200 miles to LaPaz and see if we can get tickets for the Tuesday ferry.

Ok, I’m giving up on uploading pictures for now. I’ll add some when I get a better connection. Everybody is doing fine, the bikes are running well and we are having a good time getting to know each other. We seem to have compatible riding styles which is nice, approximately equal bladder capacities which keeps the stops to a minimum and generally laid back attitudes about the journey which is essential.

Thanks for the comments, I do read them all even if I can’t reply to them.

Donn, Deby and the gang.


12 thoughts on “Watching the Seahawks in Loreto

  1. Sounds like you guys have all the important essentials going for you for an extended adventure! I will keep waiting for your picture uploads…

  2. We are so enjoying your post each evening after work. What a fun adventure and thanks again for taking the time to share it with everyone. Be safe!

  3. We are enjoying following your blog and enjoying the scenery. We’re keeping an eye out on ‘our’ Mikey. (Hansen) Please give him our best..

    • Thanks guys! I’m wearing my Norton patch proudly. Remember my first date with Deby was on my Norton? One of our riding partners, Dave, had his first date with his wife on a 750 Commando. Wow.

  4. As friends of Michael Hansen, my husband and I are following your journey and loving your posts and beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure. We’ll be with you all the way!

  5. Hi Donn and Deby!

    This is soooo cool!! Finally got my 1st look and I can see I have to devote some serious time to getting caught up.

    Glad you caught the end of the Seahawks game; watching the whole game was an emotional roller coaster! 1st Half (20-0): “Well, it’s just not their day” 3rd Quarter (27-7 at end): “Maybe, just maybe” 4th Quarter: “Holy $#!+, they just may pull this one out!” 30 seconds left (28-27): “YES!!” End of game, as air leaves balloon: “Damn, damn, damn…..”

    You missed the “excitement” and the mini-crisis on Thurs. 1/10 before the NWNO meeting: Kelly called me from outside the Pied Piper at 5:10 PM to tell me that there was a sign posted “Closed for vacation” Turns out it’s more permanent than that ~

    Thanks again for hosting the holiday party and for the trip updates. Keep having fun!

    Best regards,

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