Costa Rica

Friday, February 8, 2013. Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Wednesday was declared an official “off” day to explore the Palya Tamarindo so we extended our stay at the Purblo Dorado Hotel so we could spend the day hanging out on the beach, near the pool and an afternoon, take a boat ride into the jungle to see Howler Monkeys.

Into the jungle. 

Our skipper – George.

Are we a bunch of tourista’s or what? 

Today’s shot of Michael. 

We stopped on shore to see monkeys and stopped to admire the huge termite nest. I wonder what would happen if we poke it with a stick? 

Would we be crazy enough to try it??? YES! The termites came out.

We did see a few monkeys. 

After the boat ride Deby and I split off for a romantic walk along the beach. Checked out the surfers. 

Deby went in search of more shells. 

Oh, oh…. what could be here?

Something good!!

Happy girl. 

The rest of the night was spent with a drink in hand admiring a most spectacular sunset…. warning…. graphic sunset (boring?) photos to follow…..


Thursday morning it was kickstands up at 8:30 to head to the highlands and the Arenal Volcano.

We rode East and then over the top of Lake Arenal towards the volcano on the East end of the lake. 

As we came around the lake we had some great views of the volcano.

Good roads the whole route, with a nice twisty section on the north end of the lake. 

We ended up at the Hotel Arenal Pariso Resort and Spa. A little high end for our usual tastes but there was not too much complaining. Deby and I had a “Superior” room which was an individual cabin.  Did I mention there were natural hot springs at this resort? Oh, yea, this ADV motorcycle stuff can get pretty rough sometimes.

Picture of one of the many hot spring pools……

Our cabin.

The rest of the gang was across the drive. 

The volcano erupts frequently, we were hoping to get some of these views at night. 

The mountain was steaming but we didn’t see lava flows…..

Deby and I woke up this morning and went for a hike in the national park where you can hike to some of the lava flows from the big 1968 eruption. 

Deby with Lake Arenal in the background. 

Tomorrow we pay penance for two days of soft living and will ride hard to the border with Panama. With any luck we will cross into Panama early Sunday morning with minimal delay and make another dash to Panama City where we will attempt to find a way to get our bikes and ourselves from Panama to Columbia!

Thanks for following! D&D 🙂 🙂

7 thoughts on “Costa Rica

  1. Thanks for keeping your blog up to date Donn! I think Costa Rica is a place I must see. I would be on the beach looking for shells with Deby! Also…today’s shot of Michael is SO fitting! He looks much happier with a beer in his hand! Also…termites??? Let me guess who poked it! Enjoy and I hope to meet you all in Peru!

  2. Costa Rica looks a little more civilized than Honduras..Loved the fotos, especially of Mickey!

  3. Beautiful! I can so see Kris and I on that beach watching those spectacular sunsets! Nice volcano….not so nice termites. Enjoying following your journey!

  4. It looks like the trip is starting repay you with some awesome sites and locations. Mike you are looking good. Everyone stay safe.

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