Buena Vista to Puerto Escondido

Even thought there wasn’t a restaurant we talked the bartender into having a coffee pot going for us in the morning. We met Ricardo at the prearranged time of 7:00AM and watched the sun rise over the bay drinking fine Folgers drip coffee. By 7:30 we were itching to leave so we skipped showers and decided to get some breakfast on the way. We knew of a great roadside breakfast place in the small town of San Bartolo on Mex 1 so we headed there. In less than an hour of nice twisty two lane riding through the Sierra de la Laguna mountains we were seated on plastic chairs eating huevos rancheros and drinking more coffee. Somehow I forgot to take some pictures….

We decided we would try to put in a few hundred miles through the flat, long and straight sections from La Paz to Ciudad Constitucion, Ciudad Insurgentes and finally back east over the mountains towards Loreto. If we weren’t too tired we would try to make it to Bahia Concepcion to camp on the famous beaches.

It was windy through the desert and we were in full “blast” mode on the bikes, just putting in miles through the most boring part of Baja. As we approached the Sea of Cortez the road became more interesting as we wound along the coast line over the cliffs. About 3:00 in the afternoon I saw a sign for Puerto Escondido and a small road the dropped to the east towards the water. Wanting to explore somewhere I’ve never been we turned off and rode down to a pretty big marina full of boats that seemed to be waiting out the high wind in the protected harbor. We explored for a while then on the way out I noticed a sign for Tripui Resort. We circled in and checked it out, restaurant – check, pool – check, clean and modern – check. Hungry, we stopped and decided to have lunch at the poolside restaurant. By the time we were done we decided to ditch camping for the night and book a room.

Nice room with a patio. 

Clean and spacious. 

Secure parking. 

And….. actual FAST WiFi right in our room. A perfect chance to catch up on e-mails, download some more books and upload some pictures for the blog which is the most bandwidth intensive thing. After dinner we even had enough bandwidth to watch a short show on Netflix. A night and day different experience from Rancho BV, we really liked this place and they said they had a special rate for motorcycle travelers (yea, right).

Tripui Resort: http://www.tripui.com/

Ok, so batteries recharged – literally and figuratively – maybe tomorrow we camp….

Donn and Deby

4 thoughts on “Buena Vista to Puerto Escondido

  1. Wow, Sounds like your having a great time exploring. Enjoy reading your posts. Enjoy the pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh just give in and admit it — you guys will never get that camping gear out. I certainly wouldn’t with accommodations like that!

  3. Great find! We stayed there on our way south a few months ago. Used two or three of your recommendations in Columbia and Ecuador on our way south. Currently in Colonia, Uruguay. Ushuaia within a couple of weeks.

    • Hi Peter and Anne. Wow! Do you have a blog? We would love to follow along, glad we could help with some places to stay. Best of luck riding ruta 40 this time of year.

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