Loreto – LaPaz – Villa del Faro

This trip is going at a much more leisurely pace than the MotoRaid romp last year when we blasted the length of Baja in three days. After a late start we left Loreto for the short ride to the capital city of LaPaz. We met an Italian guy in Loreto that recommended the LoriMar hotel just off the malecon in downtown.

Not a bad place for $35 dollars a night. Secure parking right inside the main door. 

We arrived early enough for a walk along the waterfront. It was a warm Sunday night and everyone was out enjoying the evening. As the sun set we strolled the length of the malecon dodging kids on every kind of bicycle and skateboards before settling in at an outdoor cafe for a light meal.

Monday morning we were on a mission to get from LaPaz to Villa del Faro where we had reservations for 5 nights in a beach side cottage. Villa del Faro Is on the coast road south of Cabo Pulmo (click here for a link to their web page). The road south of LaPaz starts out easy on the way to Los Barriles. 

But soon after Cabo Pulmo we were in the loose washboard sandy stuff. 

It took a little while to get our sand mojo going where the correct procedure is to stand on the pegs, shift weight back and go fast! The secret to success is to give it gas whenever the front tire starts getting squirrelly in the sand. The wrong thing to do is slow down which shifts the weight forward and digs the front tire deeper in. It’s counter intuitive but works. 40mph seemed to work about best for us. 50 might have been better but crash consequences go up exponentially with speed so 40 seems to work pretty well.

We arrived, in one piece, and were shown to what would be our casita on the beach for the next 5 nights.

Parked the bikes where they wouldn’t be moved for nearly a week.

Stashed the helmets with care.

Lit a fire in the fireplace.

Eventually we found our way to the restaurant for a gourmet meal.

The next 5 days were variations on the same thing but generally involved drinking coffee in the morning watching the sun rise……

Walking the beach and climbing rocks….

Sitting at the pool, reading books and taking naps.

Tomorrow we are leaving Villa del Faro for Todos Santos where I hope to be able to catch the Seahawks game.

Still having fun,

Donn and Deby


10 thoughts on “Loreto – LaPaz – Villa del Faro

  1. What a great treat to read your posts and see the photos. It really relives my cabin fever. It’s raining and in the 30’s in Seattle. You inspired my ride from coast to coast last August. I hope This inspires people to Ride there motorcycles for weeks on end. It truly is the experience of a lifetime. I’m planning 2 long Motorcycle trips this year. Thank you for sharing your ride with all of us. I look forward to your next post. Ride safe.
    Jesse James

  2. Hi D&D,
    Game prep is in full swing here! I have to root for the Saints in the first half due to being from NOLA, but the 2nd half is for the SHawks LOL.
    Am mourning for the GeeBee as I sold it last week, however a new ride is in sight and it has a “beak”!!
    Hope there were no sand flees on that beach!
    Miss you guys!
    Joe (and Dee)

  3. Brian here in Portland (friend of Keith’s)……looks like a terrific way to spend time. Barbara and I off to Cabo in April, but on
    by airplane, sadly. Your posts are giving me incentive to get my new GS on the road and out of Portland. Thanks

  4. Here is a little 3 minute Youtube I thought that you might enjoy!!!
    BOOGIE WOOGIE > > This presentation > only lasts for three plus minutes. > You don’t > hear boogie woogie like this much any more; and never likely > have you heard it played on twin pianos. If you don’t > tap your feet and bob your head you are are a > fuddy-duddy!!!!!! >
    Hope you get a three-minute kick out of this rare musical presentation.

    • Joe, wow. Thanks for sharing the link, Deby and I both had our toes tapping and a good laugh calling them “twins”. Smokin’ good piano playing.
      Oh…. to bad about those Saints but they put up a good fight. I’m glad I didn’t jinx anything by watching the game in a city named Todos Santos which in English means, “All Saints” 🙂

    • I could read almost all of that! I had to look up arena, probably a good word to know and I thought disfruten was a rotten banana. You and Kris would love it down here.

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