San Ignacio Springs

Here is how to spend a day at Terry and Gary’s place. Start by reading another vacation novel at the patio along the river. 

Get on a kayak and paddle down the river. 

Take pictures of birds…. 

I don’t know what a lot of them were and Deby had some idea. We’re pretty sure this is a night heron. 


Pelicans were everywhere. 

It’s amazing how well these pictures turned out. Deby took them with my small Nikon AW100 point and shoot camera while I paddled. 

Not sure what this was. 

M R Ducks….

Did you ever wonder where dates came from? Not THOSE kind of dates, the kind you eat…. palm trees. They were everywhere. 

That about summed up the day, paddle, read, nap hang out. In the evening we went with another couple staying at San Ignacio Springs into El Centro San Ignacio to have dinner at Tootsie’s Bar and Grill which is run by Tony, Terry and Gary’s daughter. The food was excellent and we had a great evening hanging out with a couple on their honeymoon.

The next morning after an excellent breakfast that included homemade sausage, eggs, special pancakes and plenty of coffee we saddled up the bikes for the 35 mile ride to Laguna San Ignacio to go whale watching.

Deby and I rode this road two years ago, it had some pretty nasty sand back then. That particular part has since been “improved” and we made the trip without any dirt-naps.

I grabbed a couple of pictures from my GoPro camera of the new road.

Still a few tricky parts, especially around the road construction. 

On the recommendation of Terry and Gary we had reservations for a boat from Antonio’s fish camp along the Laguna so we suited up and went out on the boat. 

First we saw dolphins swimming around us. 

Then finally……thar she blows!

Suddenly we were surrounded, Deby was in charge of the camera so she gets full credit for all the pictures. Here are a few.

They do this thing called “spy eye” where they stick their head up and look around. 

Then they dive in and show us their tail fins. 

Otherwise they just hung around 

I could have stayed longer but time was up so we pointed back towards shore. They have these little cabins for rent. 

And a nice restaurant where they fed us lunch…. fish and pasta, yum. 

The local welcoming committee was waiting for us when we got off the boat. 

After an amazing visit we changed into our riding gear and got ready for a road back.

But wait… what’s this? 

Piles and piles of big shells along the road, what are these? 

Not sure but a couple of them ended up in Deby’s pannier.

Big smile in that helmet. 

With a fun day behind us we easily traversed the tricky parts of the road and were back to the yurt well before dark.

Let’s see… should we stay another day? Hmmmm, “Gary – do you have satellite TV?”, “Yes”. “Do you have a really big TV?”. “Yes”. “Do you think you can tune in the Seahawks game?”. “Of course!”. That did it, we reserved for another night…….. what could be better.

Donn and Deby

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    • Oh, I am so jealous. I don’t have many things that I really want to do in this life as I pretty much enjoy all the good things that come my way, but to see a whale!!! OMG!!!!! And so many of them and in so many different ways. I just couldn’t ride a bike to get there.

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