Todos Santos

Our day off in Todos Santos happened to be a Sunday, it was recommended that we ride a little south and check out the Sunday market in Pescadero. The market wasn’t too big but had a good selection of craft from local artisans both Mexican and Ex-pat Americanos.

The market was obviously geared towards the visiting gringos from Todos Santos and the vacation homes and resorts along the Pescadero cost. I stopped and talked to one guy selling what looked like bootlegged music CDs and found he was a recording engineer from the Seattle area and had produced one of Badd Dog Andy Cook’s CD’s. Andy is a good friend of mine, we’ve played a number of gigs together. Small world.

Next to the market is the world headquarters for Baja Beans so we went over for some coffee and breakfast. The popular thing to get seemed to be the fritatta con papas special.

It ended up being a lot of food so Deby and I just shared a dish.

While we were eating a large family sat down at the table next to us and asked us to take their picture. Of course we started talking, the usual stuff about where we were from and since we were wearing motorcycle gear the conversation drifted to biking.

The guy next to me was Jerod Kitchel who was from Snohomish, Washington, ha.., even smaller world. He runs Coyote Offroad ( . His company does dual sport conversions to make bikes street legal in Washington among other things. Check out their web site. Even though we’ve never met I found out we had many riding friends in common.

Slowly we were introduced to the rest of the family and found out they were from Preston Washington, where we live. Really? I mean, Preston is a really small town with only a gas station and post office. They live in the main part of town and I drive past their house every day. Yikes, I didn’t get their names but the father Jim, just retired from Boeing and moved to Gig Harbor. (Chris R. – they said they know you… names?)

Later we went back to town and walked around some more looking in galleries and being typical tourists. 

We kept seeing this dog at one of the corners, he made sure everyone knew that was his spot by chasing cars, sniffing people and keeping the sidewalk safe from rodents. 

We stopped in a gallery called Galeria La Poza and talked to the artist who had lived in Todos Santos for 14 years. We loved her art and had a nice talk. Lilly and her husband also own Hotel Posada La Poza and she invited us to have dinner at their terrace restaurant overlooking the ocean. After a futile attempt at getting a cab we rode two up down the dirt sandy road the couple miles to her hotel. I was wearing sandals and Deby a skirt. Not totally safety conscious but we made it. It was even more adventurous riding the route back in the dark. I was glad for my dual LED lights but wish I would have remembered my GPS so I could follow my track back because of the crisscrossing dirt neighborhood roads.

It was a nice place and the food was great.

Tomorrow – back on the road and a visit with Gringo Doug.

Stay tuned.

Donn and Deby

One thought on “Todos Santos

  1. The morning before last, my husband, Jonathan, who had been playing at the Raging River Cafe that night before, asked where all of the beautiful shrimp had gone that were left over from the night before. He was really upset. I told him that I had not planned on eating the shrimp until I had read all of Donn & Debi’s Baja blog. I had to have the shrimp, along with avocado, tortillas, slaw to get my Mexican fix. I said it was Donn & Debi’s fault. Jonathan gave me a knowing smile, kissed me on the lips, and I was totally exonerated:)
    Ahhh, I love my Mexican food! Love the food shots. Thanks for your blog, Nancy

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