Villa del Faro to Todos Santos

As it turns out, once dinner is finished at the Villa Faro patio restaurant and we’ve made our way down the long path in the dark guided only by the stars and flashlights and we retire to the stone cottage, build a fire to add some additional ambiance and warmth and recline on the only piece of indoor furniture, which is the bed, there is not much else to really do. That, of course, is exactly why we went there. Night five was no different except for being the last night of our stay. I started into reading my third Kindle novel by John Sandford called Heat Lightning after reading Shock Wave and Rough Country over the last few days. They are all crime stories set in Minnesota solved by an outdoors-man type person named Virgil Flowers. A perfect series of vacation books with no redeeming value whatsoever. At 8:30 I had enough and turned off the single 12V light bulb, powered by a car battery charged by the sun during the day and fell promptly asleep. I didn’t move again until 6:30 in the morning when I sensed Deby moving around making coffee on the single burner propane stove. Ten hours straight! Seriously I don’t think I’ve slept that long in one stretch since becoming a parent 28 years ago.

The first order of business which directly follows the pre-first order of business which involves a hike to the outhouse is to sit on chairs on the beach to watch the sun rise.

We were lucky, this wasn’t any old boring sunrise but some clouds moved in to make it extra spectacular on our last morning on the east cape. Sorry but every travel blog is required to have a few of the following pictures.

Besides, it’s not the kind of thing we see everyday in the Seattle area.

Deby seemed to like it.

9:00 is the official breakfast time at the main house so we trekked up the winding path to the patio for more coffee and a fantastic breakfast prepared by our hosts. There were some other guests from Switzerland and a guy from England but they left the day before so Deby and I were the only people at breakfast that morning.  

We did have a visitor, look closely just to the right of the coffee pot. 

I can’t believe this humming bird hung around our table long enough for me to get a picture with my iPhone.

After saying goodbye it was back into our riding gear and back on the sandy road. The plan was to get to Todos Santos in time to check into a hotel and find the Seahawks game at a local establishment. As usual the plan was to ride fast through the loose stuff which really improved our time. 

Ok, I know the above picture doesn’t look too bad but trust me, I’m not stopping in the really nasty stuff for a picture unless it involves a dirt nap, which we managed to avoid.

The road went east to the very small town of Paulo Escopeta and eventually to Mex 1 near the Cabo airport. From there we decided to take the much more scenic mountain road to the north back through Los Barriles through El Triunfo and finally connecting with Mex 19 south to Todos Santos. Along the way we saw a number of retaining walls made of some kind of pink rock. Of course, Deby needed to stop to acquire some specimens for further examination. 

Running a little short on time we decided to return to the same boutique hotel we stayed at on our 2011 visit Hacienda Todos los Santos. We ended up at the same Casita,  Casita Del Encanto, parking on the patio in the same place.

We loved the stone cabin on the beach with the drafty shutters, single 12V bulb and outdoor bano but it felt really good to have a full casita with modern windows, power, hot shower, kitchenette and two private patios. Ahhhhh, after a couple of long hot showers we decided we would stay two nights.

Walking into town to seek out the game we came across this sign. 

“Real Phony Mexican Art”, now that’s advertising. Too bad Carlos Carlos de Carlos wasn’t around, we may have bought something.

We found the game on in the bar of the “famous” Hotel California. It’s actually a pretty nice place except for playing the Eagles song with the same name every 15 minutes and the cheesy gift shop profiting from the association with the song. The fact is, it’s not the same hotel, click HERE to read more about it. Oh well, the touristas up for the day from Cabo San Lucas seem to think it’s real and almost everyone left with a t-shirt or shot glass with the hotel name. I was just glad to catch the game with a cerveza, nachos and guacamole. Into the 4th quarter the Hawks had what looked like a comfortable lead when the network feed went out. The screen went to the score and that was it. Ah, such is life in Mexico. At least the Wifi still worked and I followed their win on my iPhone.

Tomorrow, a day about town.

I want to thank everyone for your comments, Deby and I really enjoy reading them and are glad the blog is at least slightly interesting. Like I said earlier we are going slower, exploring more and recharging our systems. Just so everything doesn’t end up too cushy we are planning more dirt back roads, hopefully a visit to Gringo Doug who builds Norton motorcycles nearby and to eventually use our camping gear we’ve been dragging along with us. Or…… maybe just spend a few more days in Todos Santos gringo ex-pat artist community where everyone speaks English.

Donn and Deby


8 thoughts on “Villa del Faro to Todos Santos

  1. Spectacular sunsets! Love the hummingbird pic.
    The proper mode of bike riding in seattle this week would be a wetbike. I think they were made by Polaris back in the day…they had handlebars like a bike but a water ski instead of tires.
    Its a soaker of a week!

  2. what incredible sunrise photos. I really enjoy reading about your adventure. This adventure seems much more relaxing than your adventure last year. Ride safe.
    Jesse James

  3. so enjoying reading about your trip . Beautiful sunrise , really -incredible !
    feels like spring in WI today ….around 40 , I think .
    the ice coating over EVERYTHING is melting and we can walk without falling . Imagine that !
    I am not jealous of you guys at all !

  4. I always laugh out loud when I am reading your posts. But mostly I am green with envey while reading, not to be motorcycle riding, but to be in warm, sandy beach type areas. Portland continues to be cold, and now storm rainy, so Paul and I will continue to live vicariously through you and Deby.
    Keep posting! And thanks

  5. As last year, your photos are just the best!!! No sunset is ever the same… don’t worry!!
    Keep up the good work …..and relaxation…..for all of us!

  6. Everything look beautiful.
    Loved the sunsets & shots of the beach.
    I especially enjoyed the whole “10 straight hours of sleep” thing.
    Boy can I relate to how wonderful that must feel.
    Be safe & hope you are able to see the next Hawks game.

  7. Wish I was there. Eat some tacos adobada for me, and of course fish tacos. Keep those beemers hummin along. On your way back if you ride through Loreto again, consider taking a half day side trip to San Javier, a mission and restored village just west and south of town. The road starts out on brand new pavement and the twisties are awesome, then turns back to dirt.

    Oh and by the way…… Go Broncos !!!

    See you in the Superbowl perhaps???


  8. Great posts and *excellent* pictures. Sunsets, sunrises…it’s all good. Keep ’em coming!

    (I’ll just continue to live vicariously through y’all)

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