Yes, we made it home

Almost one year ago to the day I made the last post to this blog. I’ve been reminded a few times by friends that I never mentioned that we actually made it home safe and sound. Yes we did.

From San Ignacio and Ignacio Springs B&B we rode to El Rosario¬†for a quick overnight and then off to San Diego to retrieve our truck and trailer at Jock’s house.

Glad to be back in the US we loaded up and prepared for 2,000 miles of superslab back home. We were home in two days with no speeding tickets this time.

That trip marked the beginning of what was to be a very eventful year. Our summer riding plans were¬†preempted by the sudden passing of Deby’s dad in August and my mother in September. Deby’s 93 year old mother now lives with us and it has taken until now for us to get comfortable enough with her live-in care situation to plan another trip.

In March we leave for Mexico. Central Mexico this time to visit friends in San Miguel de Allende. I’ll be firing up the SPOT for those who want to follow.

A bit of housekeeping. There are pretty many subscribers to this blog and I know many of you subscribed to follow our South America trip. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link on the right side, towards the bottom. Or send me an e-mail and I will manually unsubscribe you. If you decide to stay, thanks and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Donn and Deby