5 Days before we leave

Whew! It’s been crazy getting the bikes ready and making arrangements at home and work. I’ve been trying to ride the KTM as often as possible to make sure there are no gremlins lurking in the Austrian workmanship. On Monday it wouldn’t start! Yikes! Nothing including  giving it  a jump would bring it to life. I loaded the KTM into the trailer and dropped it off at the dealer. Great. I returned home and rode my trusty BMW to work, I’m glad I haven’t sold it yet (sorry Ted). I was ready to plan on riding the Beemer when the dealership called and said the problem was a faulty Power Distribution Module (PDM60, for those in the know). I replaced that and upgraded to a AGM battery and hope that solves the problem. I did learn that the KTM will crank fine at 10V but that’s not enough voltage for the fuel injectors and computer, bummer, but good to know.

Oh, I learned something new…. how to embed a video from YouTube into my blog. I’ll try it here for the first time. On this trip I’m bringing my GoPro so we’ll see what comes of that. Here is a video I made of me replacing the airbox on the KTM with a new Rottweiler system. I hope you like it.

Donn and Deby

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