Wind, Snow, Ice, Rain

I hear it’s been sunny and warm in Seattle the last few days. Not true in the desert southwest. We left sunny Seattle on Friday with the bikes firmly loaded in the trailer.

We chose to blast via Interstate highways south towards Vegas where we would park and ride to Tucson AZ.

We drove into Salt Lake city around 5:00 PM on Saturday and the snow started coming down. Finally after driving for miles in the dark in near blizzard conditions we decided to get a hotel room in Fillmore UT. We managed to get one of the last two rooms available and were glad to settle in for the night. The only restaurant was connect to the gas station next to the hotel.


At least the gas station sold our favorite Utah beer, I love the tag line… “why just have one.”

And here is something strange that was at the hotel…

A Complementary (paper) Guest Towel. In small print it says “Take this towel with you on your travels and use it however you like.” Wow, however I like? Imagine the possibilities for a paper towel. This is coming with me to Mexico.

We arrive in Vegas around noon under overcast but dry skies. It took us about an hour to unload the bikes and get some riding in before dark, hoping to make great progress towards Tucson AZ where we have reservations at my favorite hotel on Monday night. As soon as we left the RV storage center with the truck and trailer safely tucked in, it started raining. Harder, harder and harder…..

Fun, (not) we tested our gear on the first day. I will report that we stayed mostly dry but it’s just not that much fun riding in traffic, in the rain when it’s 42 degrees.

We ended up going only about 100 miles to Kingman, AZ where we found a warm hotel to warm our bodies and dry our gear.

There was a restaurant across the street with decent food and beer, it was the type of place with huge TV’s blasting all around us. We glanced up at one point and saw Terry, Sandy and Jack Borden on the news. We met them last summer at the Touratech Rally in Washington. They are a family riding motorcycles to South America. (Link here:


How strange that we should randomly look up at the news and see someone we know and then in the same day get a free paper towel that I can use for whatever I want. This should be a fun trip.

Some housekeeping… I updated the tab above that says “Follow Us”, the links actually work and I managed to embed a map if you want to check on our progress.

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Donn and Deby



6 thoughts on “Wind, Snow, Ice, Rain

  1. You must always have the rain before the rainbow. I hope everything gets better for you. I’ll be looking forward to your next post.

    • Thanks Jesse! It looks like rain all day today as well. I’ll keep your thoughts in mind as we slog south. Good to hear from you.

      • How can I get my Riding friend linked to your adventure He followed your South America adventure a couple of years ago?
        Will you be posting YouTube videos?
        I’ve been watching YouTube motorcycle tours of places I want to go. They are great videos.

  2. Have Fun u2…Ride Safe & Don’t forget to use that paper towel for what ever you wish… Looking forward to seeing your journey from afar!!

  3. Dammit! Some people have all the fun! The Harley guys en route to Daytona remind me of all the trips I made to Bike Week while living in Atlanta. I”ll head south with you two now, though I do miss cole slaw wrestling .Vaya con Dios Amigos!

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