Baja – The Ride to Mikes

It feels good to be back in Mexico. This is our 5th year in a row in Mexico and our 4th time back to Baja. It’s much more fun to be on the small motorcycles as we return to some of the classic Baja offroad routes and a few new tracks we didn’t want to dare on the bigger motorcycles. 

After our Death Valley fun ride we loaded up the truck to San Diego for a visit with our friend Jock and his roommate. Jock is always kind enough to let us park at his house, entertain us with his signature margaritas and let us use his spare guest room. We were glad for an extra day to go over the bikes and repack in preparation for the trip south. Jock even let us displace his usual garage parking spot overnight so we could leave early with our packed bikes. 

Thursday the 21st we crossed the border at Tecate, obtained our tourist visas and were riding east towards the Compadre trail by 11:30 AM. The dirt road south was much easier on the small bikes than it was 5 years ago on our first trip to Mexico on the larger BMWs. 

We had to stop for some interesting rock formations along the way. 

The weather was just right – not to hot – not too cold. Ahhhh.

By 4:30 with the sun dropping behind the mountains we made it to the famous Mike’s Sky Rancho. We were the only guests midweek in the cool of January.

We hadn’t been here for years but look what I found on the post between the bikes from our last trip!

Our sticker from the Northwest Norton Owners. It turns out some other Northwest people had been here as well: 

Deby got right to the first order of business.

We were rewarded with a fantastic sunset. 

Mike’s is totally off the grid and power is via a generator that runs from 7:00 to 10:00. There is no cell or internet service so we just retired to our room after dinner to read books and settle into a good nights rest.

Thanks for following. Internet access in Baja is not very dependable so I’ll post when I can. You can follow our track live any time by clicking on this link:

Donn and Deby






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