Adventure Travel Buenos Aires – By Foot

Saturday and Sunday were spent as touristas, on foot. According to the app on my iPhone we walked 7.3 miles on Saturday equating to 21,552 steps (for you Patty).  We started with a walk along the malecon of Puerto Madero under the warming sun. It eventually got close to 90 degrees so we were trying to drink plenty of water. I was the only person I saw wearing a Camelbak hydration pack. Dorkey – yes, but I didn’t care. With the bright sun Deby needed to buy a pair of sunglasses. Hey, lucky for her there was a vendor on the waterfront selling Ray Ban sunglasses for only $5.00 USD. Wow, what great deals you can get here.

Here is Deby sporting these valuable shades in front of… umm … a really big building. We thought it was an art museum but when we went in people were lining up for the symphony. We didn’t have tickets so we moved on. This big chrome sculpture in the background is very famous.

  The pedals open during the day and close at night or in high wind conditions. If you are artistically inclined yet still find yourself reading a blog about motorcycle riding you can read more about the sculpture and artist HERE. I stole the photo from Wikipedia and they only ask in return that I give a photo credit. Here it is: By Carlos Adampol Galindo from DF, México – Flor común, Buenos Aires, Argentina, CC BY-SA 2.0,

We trekked through the cool San Telmo part of town where we stopped for lunch and some beer to quench our thirst. We learned that the custom on hot days is to order a liter which at this establishment comes enclosed with a reusable Styrofoam sleeve. We snacked on empanadas and sipped our cold cervesa while we people watched from our corner perch.

We wandered to a street fair in the Recoleta neighborhood near the famous cemetery. There were throngs of people out enjoying the sun, music and craft booths. We hung out, shopped and listened to some great musicians before stopping for an early dinner (it was only 8:00) and taking a cab back to the hotel.

On Sunday it was back on the road, so to speak. We watched artists paint a wall. 

Went back to San Telmo where there was a huge street fair going on. 

More great music.

This guy was amazing, smoking riffs Jeff Beck style without a pick. 

Just off the same street we on a tour of the “Tunnels & Mystery” of the El ZanJon house. Sort of an underground tour. At one time there was a river here and when the population boomed it started to stink so they covered it over with brick arched walls. 

After a few hundred years people forgot they covered these tunnels and just built the city on top of them. During a restoration project the owner was talking to his neighbor who said as a kid they used to climb down into the tunnels and explore, this was in 1985. Since then they have been explored and partially restored. Interesting.

Continuing on we took a cab to La Boca the “Tango Capital of the World”. There was another street fair going on and it was especially crowded because people were partying getting ready for the Boca Juniors soccer match taking place down the street. Everyone had a team shirt and the bars and street cafes were full of people loudly singing what I presume was their team song. Hmmm, not sure why the Seahawks don’t have a team song.

We walked around and took a few pictures. 

This was a mural on the wall with a very healthy looking plant growing out of it. 

Finally, the heat was getting to us so we stopped at one of the cafes on the street for a cool drink. This place had tango dancers entertaining the diners which was pretty interesting. For some strange reason we didn’t take a picture of them but did take a picture of our beers!

Look, it’s not like we strive to drink beer all the time but it was very hot and as we explore new and different cultures I try to do as the locals do. We looked around and it seemed really popular to, once again, order a liter of beer. But this place had style; a champagne style bucket of ice with the beer bottle being properly chilled and then two wine glasses that the server dumped in the ice bucket to cool off before pouring our drinks. Now that’s class.

I’ll wrap this up with a cheezy selfie in front of the art wall. Another good day. Tomorrow I hope to find out more about the motorcycles……

Donn and Deby



10 thoughts on “Adventure Travel Buenos Aires – By Foot

  1. A motorcycle adventure without the motorcycles Hmmm. You certainly know how to make the best out of a bad situation. I love it!
    Carry on my friends.
    Jesse James

  2. Its nice to see that you are both well and enjoying yourselves. And having some cold cevesa. Take care and stay safe and blessed..

  3. La Boca = the mouth of the Matanza-Riachuelo River & the name of the Barrio. Was there in 1979! Great restaurants within. I remember a steak house (La Cabana) that I had a great meal at!

  4. You know if you had that beer here you’d only need to leave it outside.
    It’d get frosty real fast.
    Of course then it’d freeze.
    All our best to you while we vicariously imagine it being actually warm out.

  5. Hey Donn and Deby, This is really just awesome. So glad you share your adventures. Be safe, be happy, be blessed. You are both an inspiration to the rest of us arm chair wannabees……

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