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Latest Update October 2016

Donn: 2016 Honda Africa Twin

Getting ready for another long trip Deby and I have both updated our motorcycles. After two years with the 2014 KTM 1190R I decided to trade it in for a new 2016 Honda Africa Twin.



Deby: 2012 F660GS



7 thoughts on “About our Motorcycles

  1. Five motorcycles, men and women, leaving Toronto for central and South America late March. Reading your excellent blog with interest.
    We are struggling with the route through Mexico. Caribbean coast is the most direct but we have safety concerns. Baja route just too far. Any guidance from experience or talking to others?
    It is reassuring that safety is not a great concern. The spot theft would not be unexpected.

  2. Hi Deby and Donn! How are things there? Hope things are ok and your bikes has arrived. Take care…. we miss you guys. Stay safe and blessed.

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