4 thoughts on “Real-time Location/Past Trip Maps

  1. Good Morning and Good Luck on your way to Rio. I’m certainly jealous, but know very well that my 59 Pan Head would not make the trip with me on board. Besides who would run the Badger Mt Boogie in my absence. Gee whiz your trip sounds wonderful. I have friends in St Maries Idaho, Ace n Laura Martin. Ace has rode in over 52 countries and has a book on the trip. If you do a book on your trip I would very much like a copy. I have future plans to have you n the SJB back at the Boogie. I would sure like to have you tell everyone about your trip at the BMB someday. I booked the Lloyd Jones to come and play this year. Thinking of having a BMB party with several of the Jones bands. So anyway I just wanted to let ya know I’ll be following your progress. Have a great start to your ride today. Jesse e mailed me this morning to say you are taking off today… Later

    • Hey Steve! Wow, good to have you following along. I rode past your place last summer and almost dropped in to say hi. I don’t have plans for a book but I suppose you never know. What is the name of your friend’s book? Thanks for the note.

  2. Hola , Donn soy Juan de Bahia Blanca y querría saber como llegaron todos y darles mi saludo , un placer haberlos conocido y un fuerte abrazo desde este lugar en el Mundo. Gracias .

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