Home after long days on small bikes

Our short stay in Loreto was um, interesting…

When we arrived well after dark, after a hard day of long riding in strong winds we immediately found our way to the hotel restaurant pausing only long enough to swap our smelly motocross boots for more comfortable shoes. Looking bedraggled and somewhat filthy we were led by the host to a table with white linens next to a window. Continue reading

Unexpected Ride Home

On February 6th we received word that Deby’s mom’s health took a downturn so we decided to cut the trip short and ride north. We made it home in time to spend a last few days with mom before she went home to be with the Lord on February 15th. Helen was 94 and lived with us for the past 18 months. Below is a picture of Arieta, her caregiver, Deby and Deby’s mom Helen. She will be missed.

I should have posted this sooner since I’ve received many e-mails wondering what happened to the posts and if we were ok. Yes we made it home safe and in record time. We arrived home yesterday from the funeral in Wisconsin and are settling into the changes in our household.

I’ve gone through all the pictures and am ready for the final ride post. We had some great riding and whale watching to report. Hopefully I’ll get that out soon.

Donn and Deby