Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Cusco Peru is one of those cities everyone should visit sometime in their lifetime. Sure it’s full of tourists but it’s an amazing place with an indescribable vibe. I could spend days just walking around the city and exploring, as a matter of fact that’s exactly what we did. Of course, for me…. first stop was the Norton Rats Pub. 

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At the Copacabana

At the copa (co) Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
At the copa (co) Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion

The song was recorded by Barry Manilow in 1978 about a night club in New York City. There is also the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. As fate would have it there is also a city in Bolivia called Copacabana and it is on the shore of Lago Titicaca where there is also a beach, of sorts. Any similarities to Copacabana, Bolivia and the other famous namesakes end in name only. Continue reading

Cusco – by truck

Ok, I won’t get ahead of myself  here….

Thursday March 2, 2017. We were just up early so decided to make the short run to the Peruvian border before it got busy. We were on the bikes by 8:30 and to the border only about a half hour later. Nobody was around so we sailed through the exit process for Bolivia checking out us and then the bikes as is the normal procedure. The Bolivian Aduana was quick and professional, they asked if we liked their country and thanked us for our visit. Nice. I was reminded that when we entered the country they thanked us for visiting. Continue reading

Chasing “Che” in the mud

Monday February 20, 2017

With threatening skies we decided to leave Villa Serrano early in hopes of making the 75 mile trek to La Higuera before the rain starts. We are also concerned about the condition of the road after the massive rainstorm two days ago. We didn’t have any word on the road conditions and there was no internet service or cell service to check so we took a chance. Continue reading

The Salar!

Technically, the Salar de Uyuni but most people just call it The Salar. It’s one of those wonders of the world that is only recently being discovered as a tourist destination. The famous Dakar race started going through here a few years ago and that is what’s credited with elevating The Salar to a world class destination. The launching point for The Salar is the humble (very) town of Uyuni situated on the shore of this onetime giant section of ocean.  

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Sucre Bolivia

As I write this we are getting ready to leave Sucre tomorrow, I’ll miss this city after being here a little more than a week. If you are only interested in the motorcycle riding part of this blog skip this post, the motorcycles are tucked into a parking lot some blocks away and haven’t been touched in a week. If you are interested in my take on this Bolivian mountain city of 700,000 people and why we like it so much, read on….. Continue reading

Into Thin Air – Bolivia

Thursday February 2, 2017

Once again the scenery surrounding us in northern Argentina continued to amaze us for the last 80 miles from Purmarca to the Bolivian border. More of the same…. crazy wonderful colored mountains. 

To add to the excitement we were soon climbing to over 10,000 feet. Here my GPS shows 11,204 feet and climbing. Continue reading