Yes, we made it home

Almost one year ago to the day I made the last post to this blog. I’ve been reminded a few times by friends that I never mentioned that we actually made it home safe and sound. Yes we did.

From San Ignacio and Ignacio Springs B&B we rode to El Rosario for a quick overnight and then off to San Diego to retrieve our truck and trailer at Jock’s house.

Glad to be back in the US we loaded up and prepared for 2,000 miles of superslab back home. We were home in two days with no speeding tickets this time. Continue reading

San Ignacio to El Rosario

Seriously, we couldn’t have had a better time at Ignacio Springs B&B. 

Indeed, “An Oasis of Hospitality!”. Sunday evening we watched the Seahawks WIN eating a fantastic homemade dinner of lightly breaded Yellow Fin Tuna, homemade rye bread, fresh beats, mashed potatoes and salad. Just as the Hawks WON our host, Terry brought out homemade date ice cream to help in the celebration. Wow. Continue reading

Puerto Escondido to Bahia Concepcion

Sipping morning coffee at the poolside restaurant at the Tripui resort we discussed…. camping. For over two weeks we’ve been hauling a tent, pads, sleeping bag (one dual Big Agnes – nothing like it), coffee making equipment and extra water. We mulled over a map and decided we should camp. Less than 100 miles away was Bahia Concepcion where we were told are some of the best beaches to camp in all of Baja.  Continue reading

Todos Santos Buena Vista

We made a decision to ride the southernmost loop around the Baja peninsula to get to the small town of Aqua Calienti where we wanted to visit “Gringo Doug” of Doug’s Baja Norton fame. We had avoided this part of Baja in the past because of the traffic and commercialness (is that a word?) of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. This part of Baja is where all the big resorts are and it’s more like Waikiki than anything Mexicano. On the other hand at least we could say we rode to the southern tip of Baja and check it off some imaginary list. Continue reading

Villa del Faro to Todos Santos

As it turns out, once dinner is finished at the Villa Faro patio restaurant and we’ve made our way down the long path in the dark guided only by the stars and flashlights and we retire to the stone cottage, build a fire to add some additional ambiance and warmth and recline on the only piece of indoor furniture, which is the bed, there is not much else to really do. That, of course, is exactly why we went there. Continue reading