Chile isn’t chilly it’s HOT

Ha… have a burst of internet so let’s rock!

Heading north from Puerto Varas we blasted to the city of Valdivia that was recommended to us. We made a quick stop in Orsorno to get a part for Deby’s bike that had worked it’s way loose. No problem quick stop at Motoaventura and we were on our way. The route is basically a 4 lane interstate with tolls at what seemed like every 10 miles. Continue reading

Trading Wind for Rain

We were told it would happen when we cross into Chile, we trade the windy dry plains of Argentina for the damp drippy lush forests of southern Chile. On Wednesday January 18th we left Puerto Tranquilo to venture north on the famed Ruta 7 the Carretera Austral or Southern Road. I realize now I didn’t really take many pictures. In a lot of ways it really reminded me of the Mountain Loop Highway in Washington. Continue reading

Into Chile – A New World

So where are we? Sometimes a map helps for the big picture…..

An amazing part of the world to be sure. From Perito Moreno we had a short ride west to the border crossing near Chile Chico on the southern end of Lake Buenos Aires, which we learned is the second largest lake in South America, the largest is Lake Titicaca which is not only fun to say but is an interesting place we hope to visit on our way north. Continue reading