T minus 37 days

Today is Sunday, 37 days to go before we will be ready to leave on January 1, 2013, which may or may not be the day we actually leave depending on the weather. We are hoping for a break in the usual Pacific Northwest cold and rain to get as far south as possible and since snow is not out of the question and any white stuff in the forecast would definitely delay our trip.

Deby and I took our bikes for a test ride into Seattle today to run some errands. The temperature alternated between just below and just above 40 degrees F with off and on sun breaks and some low fog. Our heated liners and grips kept us plenty warm and the pinlock visors did a perfect job keeping our face shields clear during the sections of fog, a good omen for the first week where I expect to be riding in the rain.

Every day some small task gets done to prepare for our trip that now seems sooner than ever. Today after the ride I rechecked the new chains on both our bikes and gave them a generous amount of lube. We made a stop at Barnes and Nobel this evening and I found a nice National Geographic map of Chile which claims to be an “Adventure Travel Map” which is “Waterproof and Tear-resistant”, how could I resist? Next to it on the shelf was an Argentina map by a company called International Travel Maps. The only grandiose claim on this map was that it was waterproof, I bought it as well.  Even though I’m bringing two GPS units I like good paper maps because the batteries never go dead and they are easier to spread out on a table and make plans with a highlighter over a beer and with advice from the locals.

Tomorrow I’m expecting a quote from the printers on our stickers.